Toby Frost

Science fiction, fantasy, adventure


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Blood Under Water

Renaissance Noir continues


Giulia thought that coming to Averrio would be the start of a new life. But when a renegade priest turns up dead in a canal, the City Watch needs somebody to take the blame. And who better than a woman with a dark past and an even darker future?

Now Giulia has seven days to clear her name and find the killer. But as the violence mounts and the danger rises, she comes up against a conspiracy founded on gold, murder and evil magic. Giulia must deal with a cunning, ruthless enemy - and friends she may no longer be able to trust.

Blood Under Water is the second of three related novels that I'll be releasing in 2019. While each is a separate story, they are all set in a dark, magical Renaissance, where rival city-states strive to outdo one another in war and diplomacy. Giulia's world is a little like our own, but while there are princes and bishops, tradesmen and scholars, there are also magical creatures, bizarre inventions and a whole range of exciting new ways to die…

Visit the Blood Under Water mini-site to download the first chapter or, even better, buy the book: >>>Click here<<<